Autumn Musings

If we look at the earth as a living being, we may marvel at its stamina, its fruitfulness and its generous service to us all. But have you ever thought of what makes this wonderful earth of ours a living, breathing force? How does it give birth to life and sustain us with its bounty? How does it breathe?

Well, not breathe like you or I but certainly a breathing of forces. The earth carries its own vital force. Its own consciousness which must be replenished much like ours, through dormancy and meditation; in turn reaching out to higher cosmic planes. The earth does this through a process of inhalation and exhalation that we experience as the four seasons. Not only do the seasons bring life to plant and animal life, they restore the earth’s vital forces and consciousness.

Some ancient cultures considered characteristics of this process have some bearing on human life. Indeed, this process is very similar to what may be experienced during meditation.

Through autumn and winter the earth goes through an inhalation process.  All of its vital forces/consciousness is drawn into the centre of the earth. This signifies a period of alertness within the earth whilst the outer earth appears to be in dormancy. This drawing inward symbolises the breathing in of energy from the cosmos to replenish and nourish.

Through spring and summer the earth begins to exhale. All of its vital forces/consciousness is being directed outward toward the cosmos, in union with divine source. This signifies a period of alertness in the outer earth whilst the inner earth appears to be in dormancy. This reaching outward symbolizes the return to source.

Coming now into autumn and winter we begin to see the changes not only in nature but in ourselves. As the autumn leaves fall, this is the time to let go of limitations, to let old hurts subside. As bulbs now recede and animals begin to hibernate, we also turn within for comfort and preservation. Mother Earth has given us the perfect chance to seek warm, cosy spaces to find balance and truth within ourselves.

‘We are every colour in the trees, my friends and I. We are the gold and reds that carpet the grass. In every breath the autumn is in us too, this feeling of nature flowing back and forth. It is a time for the dancing of spirits as we walk through the cosy hearth that is the park, that energising earthiness that somehow anchors yet propels.’ By Angela Abraham

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