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Arbah Healing

Arbah healing is usually reserved for more extreme cases and deep seeded patterns that have been resistant to change. Therefore, keeping you bound and unable to progress past them. It  is like an organ transplant for the aura instead of the body. 

Arbah healing instils within the aura a code for change. A beam of Arbah energy is used to obtain a small section of the aura which is temporarily removed from the auric field. It is immediately treated with plasma current and grafted back into the aura. The plasma current is coded with an imprint to encourage growth specific to the recipient. It is a neutral energy and works with the spiritual DNA. This process establishes a more positive blueprint for change within the aura. 

As a result, it encourages the person to replicate the new and improved coding from within. Thus, diffusing the blueprint throughout the rest of the auric field. This process can take up to 2 weeks to integrate and as with any transplant it is also capable of rejection. Whether this happens depends on the will of the person towards self-growth.

Arbah healing can have profound life changing results for those who choose to accept it. You will know if the transplant is successful as you and those around you will notice changes in your energy and personality.

Arbah healing may be carried out in session or remotely.

Benefits of arbah healing

Arbah healing has had good results with the following:

  • Panic attacks / anxiety
  • Depression
  • Mental illness / anguish
  • Stubborn & unproductive thought patterns
  • Severe and chronic illness of all kinds
  • Addictions
  • Cancer patients
  • Behavioural problems in children
  • ADHD

During a session

You simply sit on a comfortable seat with your eyes closed and receive the healing. It is often a quick process to establish the blueprint for change into the aura. Arbah healing is a very gentle and painless healing technique.

•             20 minutes ¦ $100

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