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Past Life Assimilation

Past Life Assimilation is a very powerful energy healing technique which erases any past life blockages that are affecting you in present time. It is a tool to allow you to tap into a past life consciously and heal any trauma associated with that experience.

With past life assimilation not only will you clear past blockages but you will also gain a full understanding of how it has affected your life until this point.

Please note this technique is not hypnosis. Past life memories are safely and easily accessed by directing healing energy through the ascension point at the back of the head. You will actually be accessing a memory and owning the person that you were in that past life. Therefore, being able to heal the blockage and release the trauma.

The energy will take you directly to the past life where the pattern first started.  By deleting the past blockage at its beginning point, the healing is integrated instantly. Thus, causing a ripple effect which deletes it from all the lifetimes that follow.

The effects of past life assimilation are substantial and profound. You will finally be free to move on as you accommodate a less limited and fearful way of thinking that has been carried over from a past life.

Past life assimilation may only be carried out in person. Due to the nature of the healing remote sessions are not available.

Benefits of past life assimilation

  • Allows you to move on if you are feeling stuck
  • Releases recurring patterns
  • Releases reactions that may seem to be ‘out of the blue’
  • Releases fears
  • Releases irrational emotional triggers

During a session

This is a guided energy healing. You simply sit on a comfortable seat with your eyes closed. I will direct healing energy through the ascension point by placing my hands on the back of your head. You must be fully alert and awake during this process as we will speak to each other throughout the session. This allows you to be guided to the most appropriate lifetime in order to resolve the blockage and release it.

  • 20 minutes ¦ $100

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