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Pet Healing

Pet healing is becoming increasingly popular as a way of supporting your pets through alternative healing methods. Pets are such an important part of our lives. Some would say they are angels, sent to provide us with unconditional love, joy and companionship. Indeed, in many cases they take on our pain and sorrows in order to be of service to us. That’s how unconditional their love is!

However, the emotions they take on can cause behavioural issues or even physical problems. Some pets may have a terminal illness, a rescue animal may have issues from being mistreated in the past, while support animals can become depleted of their own energy in the course of their service. In these instances, pet healing brings great relief and a boost to their system in order to maintain optimum health.

Pets usually respond much quicker to energy healing than pet parents. This is due to the fact that animals don’t have self sabotage or subconscious defence mechanisms to stop or interrupt the energy flow. Just as they feel the earth’s energy coming up through their paws, so too can they feel the healing energy being sent to them. 

benefits of pet healing

  • Alleviates pain when recovering from illness, injury or surgery
  • Improves behaviour and general wellbeing
  • Releases emotional trauma
  • Relaxes their nervous system
  • Provides palliative care

Part of my mission is to support your fur babies through energy healing. I have worked mainly with dogs and cats but the healing can be offered to any animal. It allows your four-legged loved ones to feel loved, find peace and joy. I use either pellowah or reiki energy during the healing, combined with assistance from spirit guides. 

While I have done pet healing for many reasons, the greatest privilege is providing healing for pets in palliative care; helping to ease their pain and make their transition easier. Although it is heartbreaking for the family, it does bring them comfort knowing that their fur baby did not suffer in their final hours.

The greatest gift you can give your pet is to allow these moments of grace and peace that energy healing brings to them.

during a session

Pet healing is done remotely and is very effective. All I require is a short telephone consultation with you, your pets’ name, age and their photo. I will contact you after the session to provide feedback.

  • Consultation, feedback and healing ¦ $100

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