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Aura Photography

Aura photography helps you to discover what your energetic makeup says about you.

Your energy body or light body is comprised of different elements. These elements work together to infuse, transmit and maintain the energy field (which also includes your physical body). The aura, chakras, meridians and nadis all transmit energy. When the energy flows freely, it moves from the aura, into the chakras, meridians and nadis. Then, it enters the nervous system, endocrine system and blood. When these passages become clogged, the energy flow is reduced. Subsequently resulting in disturbances in the spiritual, mental, emotional or physical bodies.

Think of it this way. Imagine the aura as a house. The rooms of the house can be likened to chakras, the hallways to meridians and the electricity to nadis. If a door is jammed shut, there is furniture blocking the hallway or an electrical fuse has blown; then the use of the house is limited until these issues are fixed. It is the same with your energy system. Once blockages are removed, energy can flow freely once again, therefore restoring balance. The colours visible in the aura are representations of light vibrating at different frequencies which reflect your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual state. The accompanying report provides valuable information on your aura personality, the chakra levels and blockages, mind/body/spirit balance, yin/yang balance, energy levels, relaxation and emotional levels.




  • Receive a comprehensive report. The report includes information on your aura personality and the chakras. It has 13-14 pages of valuable insights to help you understand your mind/body connection, emotional/mental state, relationships, abilities and spirituality
  • Assists you to balance and improve certain aspects of your energetic field using proven techniques suggested by the practitioner
  • Helps to highlight areas requiring balance

during a session

The aura photograph is taken through a digitally based camera system that collects data from a hand sensor. It then uses proprietary algorithms to provide a visual snapshot.

As well as the aura photo and report, I will discuss with you proven techniques to assist you to strengthen the aura and chakras thus bringing them into balance.

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