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Mama Blessings Ceremony

Mama Blessings are sacred ceremonies. They honour the rite of passage from maiden to mother. As a result, they are a deeply meaningful and heartfelt alternative to a baby shower. A baby shower traditionally focuses on the baby and can be very commercialised. Whereas, Mama Blessings are a beautiful and unique way to honour and nurture the mother-to-be. Surrounded by love, support and sacred rituals; we honour and celebrate the beauty of motherhood and the transformative power of feminine energy.

Together with family, soul sisters and other important women in her life Mama-to-be will be guided through rituals and blessings that celebrate her journey. From heartfelt affirmations to nurturing and pampering, every moment is crafted to uplift her spirit and nourish her soul. Therefore ‘filling her cup’ with strength, confidence and encouragement.

Most importantly, it is also a reminder that she is not alone. But even more than that, it reaches through time and space gracing the lives of all women, both in her lineage and those present, who did not have the opportunity to be honoured on their journeys.  The Mama-to-be is held safely during this sacred ceremony. Thus allowing space for any fears to be released and to embrace what’s to come, for rejoicing and for connecting to mothers who have come before her. The intention is to honour and provide the mama-to-be with sisterhood, love, joy, connection and spiritual support.

While Mama Blessings are is inspired by ritual and spirituality, they honour all belief systems. Ceremonies can be tailored to suit individual preferences.

The beauty of this ceremony leaves Mama-to-be:

  • Feeling loved and celebrated as Mama approaches the birthing day
  • Receiving promises of help before, during and after birth
  • Connected to the baby, ancestors and life cycles
  • Releasing fears and embracing the newborn
  • Connected to Mother Earth and Spirit

fresh flower crowns

You can also provide some extra special pampering for Mama-to-be with a fresh flower crown. They are available in Pastel and Vibrant Colours, or Gyp. Flowers in each crown will vary and depend on seasonality and florist choice. However, they will be beautiful and made with love and care.

The crowns incur an additional fee which must be paid by bank transfer only. Please notify when booking and bank details will be sent to you via text message using the mobile number provided during checkout.

During the mama blessings ceremony

Guests participate in time honoured rituals and activities attuned to the heart-to-heart connection embraced by this ceremony.

Each 2 hour ceremony includes a welcome and connecting exercise; honouring Mama and acknowledging her support group; 2-3 activities designed to pamper Mama and have some fun or to use as a focal point during labour; a reading by the hostess or close friend and closing the circle.

Beautiful sacred rituals are woven into the ceremony so Mama-to-be can enjoy a deeper spiritual connection to her baby, support group, Mother Earth and Spirit.

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after the mama blessings ceremony

It is very important to share some grounding food and drink after the ceremony. Refreshments are not included and usually provided by the hostess. Alternatively, guests may be asked to bring a plate to share.

Small ceremony (6 – 12 people)   ¦ $275  

Large ceremony (13 – 20 people) ¦ $355

This covers ceremonies held at your venue in suburbs within a 25 km radius of Mount Waverley.  A travelling fee may apply for suburbs outside of this zone.