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Mama Blessings Circle

Mama Blessings Circles, created to nourish, recharge and inspire you.

Your experiences during pregnancy, birth and postpartum have a powerful effect. For instance, it may influence whether your journey is full of fear and stress or stillness and connection. Ensure you and your baby have the best start. Joining a mama blessing circle will help you prepare for the birth; emotionally, spiritually and mentally!

Women have used circles for well-being since the dawn of time. They reach through time and space to remind you that you are not alone. I invite you to experience the magic of women coming together with a shared intention. Let us celebrate each other and experience something deeply powerful and healing; for your heart, your soul and your baby.

I will welcome you each week to a safe and nurturing space. Here you can feel free. You will be accepted and connect with other women sharing the journey to motherhood. Join me in this beautiful and sacred tradition. This time together is very special. You will leave circle feeling nourished, recharged, inspired and stress will melt away during this time.

Mama Blessings circle is a six-week course. It explores different aspects of the transition into motherhood. Circles are open to all mamas-to-be, whether this is your first or subsequent pregnancy.

We will share, create and explore the themes in depth, followed by meditation and refreshments.

Together we will explore:

  • Heart Opening
  • Deep Group Process
  • Releasing and Acceptance Rituals
  • Meditation and Visualisation
  • Freedom in movement
  • Creative Expression
  • Wellness Tools
  • Story Sharing

benefits of joining a mama blessings Circle

  • Support from your soul sisters
  • Deep heart opening
  • Processes to prepare you for the birth; emotionally, spiritually and mentally
  • Releasing fears and building confidence
  • Connecting to the baby, ancestors and life cycles
  • Trusting in your body and building courage
  • Connecting to Mother Earth and Spirit

When to join a mama blessings circle

You can join a circle at anytime during your pregnancy. However, I highly recommend no later than 9 weeks prior to your birthing date.

During the circle

Please wear comfortable clothes and bring something to write with, a water bottle and an open heart.

Each circle includes a welcome and connecting exercise; various activities and rituals designed for healing, connection and fun as we explore the weekly theme; meditation; closing the circle and refreshments.

Venue, all activity materials, water, tea and snacks are provided. Please confirm if you have any dietary requirements. Alternatively, you may like to bring your own snack or a plate to share with the group.

Book your spot in our next Mama Blessings circle and experience the power of sisterhood firsthand. Together, let’s embrace the journey of motherhood with open hearts and open arms. Spaces are limited in order to provide a safe and nurturing environment.

  • 6 weeks course ¦ 2.5 hours per week