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Space Clearing

Space clearing is useful for the release of stagnant energy and imprints which can build up over time. Such as undesirable emotions, lingering or residual energies from past owners and spirit energies. You, your home and business can benefit from space clearing.

When you come into contact with these imprints you may feel adverse effects including:

  • Tiredness, headaches and low mood
  • Increase in arguments, feeling stifled and sleep disturbances
  • The space may feel heavy or uncomfortable to be in or have cold spots
  • You may hear unexplained noises or notice things moved about.


  • Warmer, brighter and more inviting home or business
  • Improved mood and comfort
  • You may even feel there is more ‘space’
  • More harmonious interactions
  • Feeling of freedom and expansion

Space Clearing Process

Space clearings are done remotely. Firstly, I scan the property. For this I need a rough sketch of the building and the suburb where the property is situated. Then, I focus on each room sensing the areas affected and develop the clearing accordingly.

Secondly, I carry out the clearing. This is done remotely. However, an onsite visit can be arranged if you prefer. Onsite visits are only available for properties within a 25 km radius of Murrumbeena. Once the clearing is complete a blessing is done to energetically seal the home or business.

If you would like a scan of a property you are looking to buy, there are usually plans available on line. It would be prudent to ask why the previous owners are selling.

  • Process¦ $240

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